Welcome to the Ventura County USBC Bowling Association Web Site

                                             Association # 82188

Our Website is continually under construction.
We plan to publish information of interest to the bowlers of Ventura County.
We have a page on our website dedicated to the awards won by the bowlers of our association.

Please check back often as the construction will be on going.
We will post a date near the bottom of this page indicating the date of the last update.  That way you will be able to tell if we have changed anything since your last visit.

You can reach us at (805) 339-9334 and by fax at (805) 339-9334. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: vc_usbc_ba@yahoo.com.  All of our e-mail addresses are on the contact page.

Please send us any ideas that you may have for this website and any news items that you become aware of.   We will be happy to publish this information on our site if it is informative for the bowlers of Ventura County.